Years ago, I went skydiving - an event I never thought I would do. I was motivated to step out of my comfort zone, push my own personal limit, and face all the fears that came with jumping out of a plane at 8,000 feet. Not only was this my FIRST TIME even BEING IN a plane, but I was about to jump, inhibited, into open air, trusting a total stranger to guide me back down to earth in one piece. I remember thinking, "I'm letting the safety net go. I'm focusing on the rush, and the determination I have to truly test my willpower." I knew it was 50/50 whether I'd make it back to the ground. Something could make the whole mission fail - my chute could not open, the wind wouldn't be caught, a cord would snap and there would be no plan B. But before I knew it, the pilot had reached his target elevation and I was standing on a small platform on the outside of the plane. My cue to jump was when my instructor would lean back three times and then shout "go!" This is the BIGGEST part of the entire jump. If I didn't get myself ready and I slipped before the jump, everything gets thrown off and we'd free fall in a nearly unstoppable position. If I refused to let go of the plane handle when he leaned forward to launch us off the platform, we'd end up hanging off the plane itself. I had to focus. I had to make a decision and stick with it. 

My instructor leaned back and forth the first time and I felt my heart race harder than I've ever felt before. The only thing I remember thinking was "I'M ABOUT TO JUMP OUT OF A PLANE!". He leaned back and forth the second time. I saw nothing but clouds, heard only wind. I had one more lean and this was it. No turning back. He leaned back the final time and I felt myself in one fluid motion, let go of the grip handle and we jumped clean out of the plane into the big open sky. 


Launching a business reminds me a lot of skydiving. No matter how much you prepare, you are journeying out into the unknown. Your mind will be packed with thoughts - the wondering if you've made the right decision, the split second of panic when you think, "I can't do this!", the RISK you knowingly take realizing that the next step (or jump) you take, could fail. If you don't COMMIT in the very beginning, it affects your entire journey there on. If you hold too tight to what "kinda" works because you're afraid to go after the REAL deal, you'll never reach your goal. No one can take this chance for you. This is the moment. You've jumped, and begin to fall. You're vulnerable, and you're not sure if you're going to make it-

And then, the parachute opens. 

Over the last four years that I've been a photographer, I've learned one lesson after another, after another. I've driven home on an excited high of confidence knowing that I shot an incredible session and I'm trying to avoid the urge to look at my camera screen at stop lights. (DON'T DO THAT.) But I've also driven home with the radio off, in complete silence, racking my brain wondering why I just didn't have my best that day. That one-too-many incomplete feeling that made me want to call my husband and say "I quit". Its taken those amazing and rough days alike to force my business mind + artist talent to work together in harmony. 

Today, I'm launching "Brittney Nestle Photography". I take the next big step in my career by not only re-branding my business with a new look, but by putting a piece of who I am out there to sit my name upon. This has been a practice makes perfect, trial + error, risk after risk past year but I am finally at a place where I'm ready to BUILD upon what I've created. I have an incredible support system of amazing clients and colleagues with encouraging friends + family and I'm more confident than ever moving forward. No more staying at square one. Hardly anyone opens a business and knows exactly what they're doing right away. It takes time, patience, and every other grown up thing you can think of.  Am I going to make mistakes? Yes! But is that any reason to stop? OF COURSE NOT. 


Yes! I am giving away a 1 hour portrait session to celebrate our relaunch! I'd love to pull an Oprah moment and tell everyone "You get a session! And you get a session!" but only one lucky winner will get a free portrait session (a $200 value!).  The winning session has to be redeemed by October this year, and can be won as a gift to someone you know who'd love it! 

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Winner will be announced Wednesday the 28th! 
Happy re-launch day! :)