"A good photographer can capture a moment, a great photographer can create one."

These are the sweet words I received from this couple just weeks before their engagement session. Natalie and Nathaniel are young and in love with big hearts for everyone that comes into their lives. I've photographed Nathaniel with his family a few times before and he's always been a natural in front of the camera. Now he's found his effortless model counter-part in Natalie - with her long brown hair and stunning smile. They were both game for trying a new location and as soon as we started, we fell in love with how eccentric and beautiful downtown historic Ellicott City is. Perfect little alley ways with golden sunlight and colorful buildings. From there, we moved onto Centennial Park just a few minutes down the road, savoring the last bit of warm sunset before the day was through. 

Between their personalities, the way they love the Lord, their style, and the way they hold each other close, it's so easy to love Nathaniel and Natalie. I can't wait to be there as you both say I do in October! Love you both!