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I’m about crisp weather, comfy sweaters, good books, and french vanilla coffee.
I’m about date nights in with my bearded hubs and cuddles with our fur babes.
I’m about Jesus and his Word.

I'm about capturing the instant a groom sees his bride for the first time;
I'm about photographing families who know their kids won't be kids forever;
husbands + wives who've been side-by-side for decades.

I specialize in lifestyle portraits, engagements + traditional wedding photography.
I'm about helping small business owners + photographers reach their goals.
I'm about making a difference and bringing joy to others any way I can.

I’ve been a candid photographer since 2011 with a focus on connection.
Connection within families. Connection between couples in love.
Connection with real moments reflected in tangible photographs.

Helping people and capturing beautiful authenticity - it's what I do.
I'm a believer. I'm a wife. I'm an old soul. 
I'm excited to meet you. 

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