i’m about crisp weather, comfy sweaters, good books, home cookin’, and dunkin iced mocha lattes.
i can’t resist an episode of “the office” or “parks and rec”, no matter how many times i’ve watched it. #treatyoself

i’m about long catch ups with friends, fur babe cuddles, and date nights in with my bearded hubs.
i’m about Jesus and his Word.

i'm about the heartfelt words a bride and groom use to vow forever. i'm about photographing families who live in the moment, couples who've been side-by-side for decades, and pets who love unconditionally.

i’ve been a photographer since 2011 with a focus on connection. connection within families, or couples in love; connection with real moments reflected in tangible photographs.

helping people and capturing the beauty in life - it's what I do.
let’s take an adventure together.


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